Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Sydney Star Observer

Interestingly I sent an email to the editor of the Sydney Star Observer. Not for any reason other than I was merely trying once again to touch base with someone in gay Sydney and hopefully gain the addition of a local follower to this blog (most people following this blog are overseas).

This was the reply from Elias Jahshan the editor of Sydney Star Observer;
"I am not convinced this is newsworthy enough for a story in the paper just yet. Open to other ideas/angles in the future, though. Thanks for taking the time to send me an email about it. Hope it's a successful blog for you."
Say what?  Story in the newspaper? I had no expectations of my blog being mentioned in any gay publication, in fact that would be ironic lol. We all know how the Sydney gay um.... well we know how non-communal it is. No I just wanted to introduce you to the blog Elias Jahshan, but thank you for expressing your self importance anyway.

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