Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Part 8 - The Truth About Being Gay in Sydney Australia - Gay Asians and Racism

Racist people are always the first to declare racism the loudest

Sticky rice, potato, rice queen, banana, all terms invented by gay asians yet for some reason they're always the first to scream racist amongst the rest of the gay population.

Take a look at this video below featuring Jimmy Chen on the Tyra Banks Show...

Notice how it's Jimmy, with a rye smile and defiant stare down the barrel of the camera lens, who immediately rattles off all those labels I've mentioned above.

It wasn't until I got to know gay asian men that I ever heard these terms used and to this day it's only ever gay asian men who I hear use them.

This idea of asian men supposedly hating themselves because they grew up in a predominantly Caucasian community is a self imposed ideal. Head on over to the Midnight Shift or any other gay bar and see who congregates together in a closed group separating the rest of the patrons by identifying themselves as somehow different to everyone else. I can tell you it's not the black or white gay people.

In this the 21st Century where the world is getting smaller and gay people are struggling to be identified as people who deserve the same rights and privileges as EVERY one else, gay asian men still sort to draw attention to themselves as separate to all those people and seemingly more deserving of attention than all other gay men. To this I say "get over it" and join a common course instead of beating a path to your own agenda.

It's those with racist issues themselves who cry racist the loudest.

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